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It’s awesome! We hang out a ton because of it. She shows me some of her designs for our crew outfits which is pretty cool. Our tastes in clothing are a bit different so we’re still working on designs we both like.

I also let her listen to a few remixes I crank out and ask her what she thinks of them. She’s a bit harsh at times but it’s all cool.

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Believe it or not, Dare, Oblio, and I have been in a crew since high school! We met during auditions for the dance team at school (lame, I know). We all had different dance styles from what the dance team wanted so needless to say, we didn’t get in. We started to hang out a little after that and after awhile we thought it would be cool to start our own dance crew. We had loads of fun dancing after school and sometimes I would bring a couple of songs I remixed to dance to. After high school, however, we sorta drifted off to do our own things. I became a professional DJ, Dare became the crazy raver we all know and love, and I guess Oblio laid low for a bit. Years later, all three of us formed our own individual dance crews and became friends with other fellow dancers (aka Mo, Emilia, Taye etc.). A little later, of course, the whole kidnapping thing with the three of us happened. After it was all over, Dare and I saw that our friends formed dance crews with each other and other people they knew. For old times sake we decided to be in a crew together again and bam! D-Coy was formed! We did ask Oblio if he wanted to join us, but he declined the offer. I guess he wanted to get away from the dance scene for a bit. I mean, I would if MY dad kidnapped me and forced me to dance against my will, but then again, who wouldn’t?

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